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Electrical Fault Finding & Repairs

Covering all of Kent

Problems with your electrical installation?

If your home or business has an electrical problem don’t wait for an accident to happen.  Faulty electrics can lead to the risk of injury, either through a shock or fire.

You can rely on us to diagnose all faults as quickly as possible, and carry out electrical repairs that fully comply with the latest wiring regulations.

When we attend to diagnose an electrical fault we will work through a methodical process to diagnose the problem. We can then explain the findings in a way that’s easy to understand.

Not all electrical faults are as obvious as a tripping circuit breaker or RCD.  Get in touch if you notice any of the following tell tale signs:

  • Burning smells

  • Flickering lights

  • Buzzing/humming sounds in the walls

  • Sparking/arcing from sockets and other accessories

  • Any other electrical issues