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EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Reports

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Fixed priced EICRs

Reports for landlords

If you’re a landlord you must have your property inspected and tested to ensure a safe environment for tenants every 5 years.

Known as EICRs, Electrical Installation Condition Reports are needed for all tenancies under a law that came into force during July 2020. The legislation itself is known as The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

If you don’t meet these requirements, your local authority could fine you up to £30,000.

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Reports for homebuyers

Are you buying or selling a home?  You may wish to consider having a report carried out to ensure that no unexpected costs arise at the most inconvenient time.  Ensuring peace of mind that your home sale or purchase goes as smoothly as possible.

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We are based in Maidstone but cover all of Kent and can offer a discount for multiple inspections.

What is an EICR?

'Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) used to be known as Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs). Some people refer to them as landlord safety certificates, fixed wire or hard wire inspections. These electrical safety checks should be done at least every five years, unless stated otherwise on your latest report. The report breaks down the faults into codes:

C1 – Immediate action required
C2 – Urgent action is needed
C3 – Remedial action recommended
FI – Requires further investigation

It also details the overall condition of your installations.

Remedial repairs

When we carry out an EICR we will offer a fixed-price quote for any remedial repairs that may be required. In many cases, we can perform these repairs on the same day as the report, allowing you to show compliance right away and at no extra cost.

If repairs are done by a different contractor to the one who did the EICR, a second EICR might be needed to show compliance. 

What could an EICR reveal about your property?

Electrical safety checks reveal the following issues:

  • Overloading of fixed wire circuits
  • Insufficient earthing arrangements
  • The risk of an electric shock
  • The potential risk of a fire
  • Defective electrical work
  • Damage to cabling and accessories
  • The lack of a residual current device (RCD)
  • A missing surge protection device (SPD)

How often should EICR's be carried out?


  • Once every ten years (5 years recommended)
  • Before selling a property
  • Before buying a previously occupied home
  • If there’s a potential issue

Landlords of tenanted properties:

  • Every five years by law, unless otherwise stated
  • If your letting agent requires an EICR
  • If there’s a potential issue

Commercial property owners:

  • Every five years if you have tenants
  • If you believe there may be a problem
  • Dependent on the usage of the property

What can I expect when an EICR is carried out?

When we arrive to perform an EICR we will need to turn off the power to each circuit for a period of time – this process is known as dead testing.  Once this is complete will will carry out live testing, which will check the condition of the components and make sure that disconnection will happen quickly in case of a fault.   We will inspect the consumer unit and a sample of wiring, plug sockets, lights and other essential fixtures for signs of risk.   Once the inspection is complete we will talk you through any recommended actions and provide a quotation if necessary.  

We are based in Maidstone but cover areas around Kent.  Contact us today.